We love making products that inspire creativity.

In 2003, Anne Cork took some wire and pliers and invented a product that could help anyone (even her) create a great flower arrangement. In those early years it was called Blossom Crown and through the years, it changed to Easy Arranger and became one of the top selling DIY flower tools on the market. It has been sold in over 2,000 stores and continues to sell well over 17 years later.

Over the years, Anne and her team have developed and sold creative products in home, decor, crafting, table ware and children’s toys. Our current best-selling lines include our chalkboard placemats sold under the brand, Imagination Starters and copper enamel artwork sold under the brand Clever Goods Co.

Our team here is tiny, but powerful. We are woman owned and operated.

Leah is our Operations Manager. She handles all of the orders, much of the customer service, and keeps the cats fed.

Tracy is our head enamel artist. She has a torch and sifter in her hands most days. Don’t make her mad or something will catch on fire.

Dominic is our evening print operator. He handles most of the daily printing our of chalkboard placemats. Not bad for a 16 year old!

Phil is our copper guy. He cuts, he welds, and does it all when no one else is around!

Anne is our owner. She just does what everyone else tells her to do and tries to design, sell and manage in between those things.

Our goal is to design, make and sell products that make people happy. We aim to create the happiest customers across the board from retailers to the 3 year old just learning to color. Be sure to follow us on social media, you just never know what we are going to come up with next.

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